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"You've reached Claire, please leave a message."


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Is it just me or does something feel very very wrong?

If you see this, please reply. I need to know if everyone is alright.
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As some of you seem to have already guessed, The Valentine Killer, better known as Harry Warden, has been taken care of. He won't be bothering anyone again.

You're safe, we're all safe. Let's just try to put it past us and move on.


Alright. There's some more I think you all should know.

First, let me apologize for not giving it up sooner, this has been an extremely personal case to have been involved in. I should have been up front immediately, but I thought some things were better left out of the spotlight.

[A hard pause, as she forces herself to continue speaking]

It was Tom.

Tom Hanniger was the killer. Friendly, hard working, supported the forge... probably one of the nicest guys I've ever met, and honestly, I don't think he'd ever try to hurt someone. But there's something a lot of you don't know about Tom. He's.. he was sick. Before coming here, he developed... Well, it's a mental problem. For all intents and purposes, a split personality that goes by the name of Harry Warden.

We thought it, Harry, was under control after the gods got involved...but I guess nothing lasts forever. He didn't even seem to know it was happening, and his alibis checked out against several of the murders... which is why we didn't suspect him.

So while it was Tom's body carrying out these acts of violence, it was not him, the man we knew, behind them.

I'll admit to knowing he was sick, that's my own deal, but we didn't think he was a threat, or that we would ever see or hear from Harry again.

He was killed in a fight with Alex Shepherd and his body was moved to a holding cell to revive, but he never came to.

I know this is hard...

Shit, I know it's hard for me.

But he's gone for good, and I'd like to remember Tom as the man we knew, not for his illness which he couldn't help. That's why I identified the killer as Harry. I wasn't trying to lie, or hide-


[a shaky sigh]

I just thought I was doing the right thing.

And I can now see how painfully clear it is that I'm not fit for this position.... So I'm giving it up. I'm so sorry.


I'm making this post open to the public view because I think it's important for everyone to know what's going on. We're a community and I need everyone to be alert.

Two more attacks were carried out last night at the church, and both Rion and Dawn were killed. That puts the death toll to 8 in all, but after taking a look at what happened there, I think Dawn was a victim of circumstance, and not a target. She most likely saw him leaving the church. Rion, on the other hand, was, and his heart was discovered nearby in a gift box with a tag reading "Xion". Both victims are now in the clinic awaiting revival.

There hasn't been much information about the killer, but this is what we do have:

Witness reports confirm that the attacker, probably male, seems to carry no noticeable identity. 'He' wears some kind of black garment that covers anything that might distinguish him, and uses a bright light to blind his victims before attacking.

The murder weapon(s) are everyday tools. One, a shovel, was found at the first crime scene but judging from the various wounds found on the other bodies, it is most likely that he has some kind of sword or axe on his person as well.

He also seems to be capable of traveling around unseen in broad daylight, suspicious because of the disguise he is using, but a few attacks have occured during daylight hours. It is possible that they might just be hiding their 'outfit' and carrying it around with them, or (more likely) simply able to appear at will, gaining the element of surprise.

BUTCH confirmed in his testimony that he shot his attacker. So logically, the perpetrator will be sporting a gunshot wound. Keep an eye out for anyone recently injured. Medics, if you have healed anyone lately, think back to weather or not your patient's injuries were suspicious. This is the only piece of information we have in confirming the killer's identity.

I'm still not sure about their motivation, save the one message left near the bulletin board before Valentine's Day. This feels more like an attack on the entire town instead of a particular group, as there haven't really been any links between victims, save that the killing pattern is either 1s or 2s per attack.

Ideas, theories, I'm listening. This has to stop.


I realize that the safety of the town is the responsibility for the Task Force, and I realize that trust as been shaken, but I want to assure everyone that we are doing our absolute best. Things like this can take a little time when you consider our unstable conditions.

That being said, if anyone has any information at all, please comment here. I've seen some posts on the network already, but I'd like to have all the information in one place. Your thoughts, your hunches, gossip, everything involving the Valentine's Day murders is important.

Similarly, when you're feeling up to it, I'd like to speak to the following people in private.

Sam and Dean Winchester
Lollipop Jones



Hehsebamon will be at Task Force HQ tomorrow morning at 9am for questioning in regards to the current crime spree and his past offenses. He is intelligent, dangerous, wanted for murder, and will most likely try to pull something. Keep your guard up and be ready to bust this guy.

ALL OFFICERS on shifts 1 AND 2, please report to Task Force HQ at 8am.


S-shit! Someone get to the library, now! I'll meet you there.


Claire Redfield

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